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Communication Projects

Projects during 2012-13

Meena Radio Effectiveness Study in KGBVs in UP – UNICEF

Meena Radio show broadcasted in 9 districts UP was majorly for the rural Govt. school-going children in Class VI- VIII. The program further reached out to 746 Kasturba Ganghi Balika Vidyalayas (KGBVs) across the State. The objectives of the study were mainly to assess the exposure and reach of the radio programme among the audience, the level of identification and reliability the audience relate with the characters, impacts of exposure to the radio programme on awareness, knowledge, interpersonal communication, self efficacy & behavioral intentions related to the issues communicated, level of message absorption among the audience and dissemination of the messages in the community, among parents and peers. A sample of 480 girls was covered from across 60 KGBVs across 12 districts.