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CMS Corner


  • Created CMSHR for efficient management of Human Resource processes.
  • Created special MIS for the World Food Programme.
  • Created 13 websites for highlighting various CMS Teams and endeavours.
  • Organised live streaming of the first ever conference on “Public Diplomacy in the Information Age” in New Delhi which was accessed by more than thousand people.
  • Efficiently managed remote servers for web hosting and e-mail services.
  • Drafted an HR Manual which includes comprehensive policies on all aspects of HR and systems.
  • Standardisation of recruitment processes.
  • Developed 360 degree appraisal system used twice a year.
  • Organised staff welfare activities like sports meet, picnics and festival parties.
  • The Administration team has developed and maintained the New Delhi and Noida Campus.
  • It has established effective relationships with external agencies/authorities like MCD, DDA, Noida Authority, Electricity Board and the local police to ensure smooth operations.
  • Designing, building and operationalising the new 35000 sq.ft build up area of the Noida Campus spread over one and half acres of land.
  • Developed project base accounting systems.
  • Created incentives/bonus remuneration system.
  • Efficiently handled large scale National projects like India Corruption studies, Election Studies, Child Labour evaluations and Food security assessments.

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