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GIZ - CMS Media Fellowship #write4climate - A step closer to Climate Change: Selected Fellows for the year 2018.

Aditi Pinto is an independent journalist and has written and published articles on indigenous and farmer issues in The Citizen, The Hindu, The Alternative and Youth ki Awaaz. Her current concerns for writing includes localized food systems, farmer knowledge in the context of climate change. As part of the fellowship she will write on water harvesting in the face of climate change in Himachal Pradesh.
Ankita Anand is an independent journalist based in Delhi. She has been a recipient of the New Economy Coalition's Climate Solutions Reporting Fellowship 2018 (US) and many other media awards. Most recently she was part of a global team invited by the Tactical Tech Collective, Berlin, as a resident contributor to a Citizen Investigation Toolkit. During her fellowship, she will be working on the Punjab farmers and government guidelines to grow crops that require minimal irrigation.
Jency Samuel is an independent journalist with a civil engineering background. Her works have appeared in Village Square, India Climate Dialogue, Mongabay India and Rural 21 among others. She is based at Chennai. Her fellowship would focus on how fishermen from hamlets near Vedaranyam in the east coast of Tamil Nadu have begun to quit fishing and migrate to other places to work as labourers. In addition, she will also write on how farmers in coastal Nagapattinam tackle climate change and saline water intrusion by adopting organic farming practices.
Kalyan Ray is a Senior Journalist working for Deccan Herald for the past 18 years and reporting extensively on science, technology, health and environment related issues. Prior to joining the Deccan Herald, he was associated with the Press Trust of India. During his fellowship, he would be working on the impact of diseases due to climate change and on the Pong Dam at Himachal Pradesh.
Shilpy Arora is a principal correspondent with The Times of India and has written extensively on issues of environment, climate change, wildlife, health, green technology and sustainable development. Her interests encompass the ambit of environmental journalism. Her fellowship work would entail upon pollination due to climate change.
Vivek Bhoomi is a reporter with Telangana Today, and is in-charge of four districts Palamuru region in Telangana which is highly drought-prone. As part of the fellowship, he will be studying various plant and animal species which are in the verge of extinction in Nallamala forests, Telangana, due to climate change. He is also researching the causes for the drought issue which has affected Palamuru Region adversely. In addition, his work will also focus on large-scale migration from Telgana state to other parts of the country.