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DST-SDC Media Fellowship for Reporting on Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation in the Indian Himalayan Region

Selected Fellows for the year 2017

Bikash Kumar Bhattacharya

Bikash Kumar Bhattacharya is a freelance journalist and researcher based in Assam. He writes about environment, conservation, religious and ethnic revivalism, and political developments across Southeast Asia. His broad interest lies in environmental humanities. For the fellowship, Bikash’s stories will focus around climate change and gender; climate change and dietary habits along with climate change and agriculture.

Ibomcha Yumnam

Ibomcha Yumna works as a staff reporter with Poknapham and The People’s Chronicle Daily, Manipur. He is a recipient of Best Journalist Award in Rural Reporting by The Department of Information and Public Relations (DIPR), Manipur. Ibomcha will be writing about Deforestation and its serious impact in Manipur as part of the fellowship.

Preksha Sharma

Preksha Sharma works as an assistant editor at The Indian Quarterly magazine. She belongs to Jammu and Kashmir but has never stayed at one place for more than four years. She has written for The Caravan, The Indian Quarterly, Kyoorius Magazine, CN Traveller etc. Preksha will cover the impact of climate change on bio-diversity, nomadic communities and eco-system services during the fellowship.

Shreeshan V

Shreeshan V has been working as a journalist with Down to Earth magazine since 2015. His work revolves around climate, water and science. As an environmental journalist, his primary objective is to make the natural world relatable to people, so that daily life can come to be seen as a dynamic interaction rather than just a ritualistic one. Shreeshan’s stories will focus on loss of permafrost cover and the formation of glacial lakes; change in Himalayan forests in relation to climate change and shifts in wildlife distribution, the perceived threats they pose and ways in which communities seek to protect themselves.