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Journals and Newsletters

Transparency Review - a bi-monthly journal

This Journal was initiated by Shri Ajit Bhatacharjea (eminent journalist and former editor TOI, IE & HT) who was also the founder editor since its inception in March 2006. The first issue was released by Ms Aruna Roy (founder MKSS) at CMS Office. This bimonthly journal covers and tracks issues related to RTI implementation and other such accountability concerns in governance. Dr N Bhaskara Rao (Chairman CMS) and Mr Dinesh Sharma, eminent journalist, regularly write for this internal publication.

CMS Academy Convergence Newsletter - a quarterly newsletter

A newsletter of news and notes about Media and Communication Convergence from CMS Academy.

With television content now available on your cellphone and also the Internet, how and what kind of programmes and information will be relevant to which medium needs to be studied and understood. The future of communication is all about this convergence; research will help understand target groups or audience segment and what media is the most appropriate to deliver the content. Therefore, looking at future requirements, the ability to conduct research, both as support service and driver of communication channels, will also be an essential talent. While technical proficiency, content production skills and management are crucial abilities for this sector, even more critical is the broader understanding.

Having conceived the idea of this convergence, this newsletter is a step towards a better-networked Academy of Communication.

Green Voice - a quarterly newsletter on environment and media

‘Green Voice’ is a quarterly newsletter of CMS ENVIS with a circulation of more than 3000 individuals and 500 0rganisations. It has a highly diversified readership such as environmentalists, filmmakers, students, academicians, conservation activists, researchers, media professionals, political activists, lobby and advocacy groups, and similar organizations.

The newsletter has recently been given a makeover with its design and its content, resembling a modern look. It now includes several new segments like exclusive interviews, features and articles. The aim is to share the space with individuals and organizations that are active in the field of environment advocacy and have been promoting the same through several mediums.

For Subscription please send a mail with your contact details to


CMS ENVIS Green Media - a daily e-newsletter

‘Green Media’ is an electronic documentation of news and features which appear in English News dailies in India.

This newsletter, which reaches to more than 8000 email boxes every day, caters to the information requirements of environmentalists, wildlife enthusiasts and experts, conservationists, activists, researchers, media professionals, filmmakers, political activists, NGOs/ scientific organisations, mass communication institutes, lobbyists and advocacy groups in an effective and functional manner.

For subscription please send a mail with your contact details to

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