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New Projects

Tracking audience engagement in Main Kuch Bhi kar Sakti Hoon- Season 3, PFI Jan-June 2019

Study on Home based tracking of IUCD client- EngenderHealth 2019

An Outcome Assessment under Global Sanitation Programme in 3 states for Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC), Geneva,2018

Independent Monitoring & Coverage Validation Household Survey of National Deworming Programme in Jharkhand, Evidence Action/PKIPL,2017-18

Community Mobilization for Improved Access to SRH Services and Information among Young Women in Two Selected Tribal Blocks of Jharkhand, India-A Follow-up Evaluation, Ipas Development Foundation,2017-18

A Baseline study and Landscape Assessment for the Pahel project with PRI representatives on Health and Sanitation issues in Bihar,2017

Research Partner to Sandhi Project through Monitoring & Verification of data collection; Observation of Information Dissemination about Schools to Community; and Baseline Report, Centre for Civil Society, 2018

Regular Monitoring of Centrally Sponsored Rural Development Programmes, in 4 districts of Himachal Pradesh and 2 districts of Uttar Pradesh (Phase-II) and in 2 districts of Tripura (Phase I), Ministry of Rural Development, 2017-18

Communication Needs Assessment to inform design of BCC package for High Risk Groups (HRGs) and Bridge Populations, in 10 states FHI 360, 2018

Study on Effectiveness of SMC Radio Intervention in 10 districts of UP, UNICEF 2018

Information Ecosystem Research, AP, TN, Orissa, West Bengal in India and Khulna, Barisal, Chittagong in Bangladesh, INTERNEWS, 2018

Assessing Determinants of unequal access to NCD services at the District Level in Maharashtra, PHFI, 2017

Media Component of the South Asia Water Governance Programme (Sawgp) Evaluation, IOD PARC, 2017

Media Sensitizing Programme on Climate Change and Sustainable Development in five states; GIZ, 2017

Media engagement programme on climate change and adaption in the Indian Himalayan Region (IHR) - Indian Himalayas Climate Adaptation Programme (IHCAP) 2017-19

Universal Health Coverage (UHC) Media Programme; WHO, Delhi, 2017-18

Mainstreaming Entertainment Education & Pro-social Content in Public and Private Broadcasting in India, UNICEF, Delhi 2017-18


CMS speaks at various forums on issues ranging from environmental concerns to HIV/ AIDS, Broadcast Bill to election analysis, Right to Information to corruption studies. Its critical research is regularly referred by policymakers, media and corporates. The Centre has been articulating its vital concerns from important platforms by presenting papers and engaging in debates and discussions, which are widely covered by the media.

Delivering Corruption-free Public Services, Dr N Bhaskara Rao                 

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