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CMS Corner

CMS Operation

CMS Operation teams are the resource base of all our research, advocacy and capacity building endeavours. It manages four critical operations of the organisation including:

  •  CMS Knowledge Centre
  •  IT & Systems
  •  Electronic Data Processing (EDP)
  •  Administration, Human Resource & Accounts

With a dedicated team of 25 people these departments ensure CMS can execute large scale national and international projects with remarkable efficiency.

The CMS Operation team endeavours to create innovative systems that ensure customised and enhanced delivery of services. Infrastructure development and management of all the three campuses of CMS is also done efficiently by these teams.


As a research organisation, CMS has been in the business of creating and sharing knowledge that is required for policy and strategy decisions. We have consistently focused on sharing internally and externally this body of knowledge through regular seminars, publications and articles.

The CMS Knowledge Centre will further consolidate and streamline this endeavour by creating more avenues for sharing using new IT tools. It will create better systems and means for documentation and retrieval of CMS work through a knowledge management system.

This team will also be responsible for better presentation, designing and editing of content. For external communication and sharing, this team will create more internet based information tools. The team will also develop and strengthen the media relations.

The Prof Everett M Rogers Knowledge Centre

The centre has over 5000 books and reference reports like Economic Surveys, CMIE, Human Development Reports, National Family Health Surveys, Census of India, NSO, NSS, and the Election Commission. It subscribes to a large number of national and regional dailies, magazines and varied journals. Scanning, documentation and analysis of content is done on a daily basis. The centre is more a “knowledge management centre” where one could access any reference publication or work online from anywhere on any subject. CMS is in the process of becoming a member of various on-line library networks.

Audio-Video Resource Centre

The CMS Audio Visual Resource Centre (AVRC) is a state-of-the-art archive of documentaries, films and audio spots on environment and developmental issues. It also archives the master copies of the audio visual resources produced by the Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF), Govt. of India. The centre collects, collates and archives these valuable resources held by dispersed organisations and individuals with an objective to disseminate the materials to connoisseurs, TV Channels, concerned organisations, educators, schools, laypersons etc. all over the country. The CMS AVRC computerised catalogue is available on our website

CMS AVRC has dedicated space at RESEARCH HOUSE, Saket Community Centre, New Delhi housing over 3,000 films. The AVRC is accessible to schools, colleges, researchers and others during the office hours. The facility includes DVD players, Plasma TV sets, a computerised catalogue of films. Special arrangements are made, as and when required, for viewing the films which are available in Betacam and DVCAM formats.


CMS IT team performs a variety of functions that ranges from installing applications to designing complex computer networks, information databases as well as management and administration of entire systems. IT team also helps in integration of other technologies such as the use of cell phones, televisions etc.
CMS uses leased line for internet connectivity. CMS Research House is fully Wi-fi enabled with 2 mbps leased line. CMS IT team manages 12 websites of the organisation.

CMS IT Team is equipped with latest infrastructure facility like 4 IBM Xeon servers, 1 Watchguard firewall, 4 Managed Switches, 65 desktops, 20 laptops, 2 HP colour printers, 3 b/w printers, 2 NAS, 3 DVRs, 2 scanners, 1 Fax, 11 portable HDD’s etc.


The electronic data processing team specialises in providing data entry, data clean, validation and analysis required for large scale quantitative and qualitative data.


The Administration, Human Resource and Account’s team supports and maintains the systems and resource requirements of various teams so that all the teams run their operations smoothly to run smoothly.

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