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DST-SDC Media Fellowship for reporting on climate change in Indian Himalayas: Selected Fellows for the year 2018

Afsana Rashid is a Srinagar based freelance journalist and writes for Milli Gazette, Women's Feature Service, Vidura/Grassroots (Press Institute of India) and Puthiyavidial. Her fellowship would focus on threatened wetlands of Kashmir, dwindling springs and receding glaciers and their subsequent impact at the community level.
Anupam Trivedi is the Bureau Chief of Hindustan Times, Dehradun, Uttrakhand. He has over 19 year's experiences in the mainstream media and has written extensively on various aspects of environment, politics, and social initiatives. His fellowship work will focus on the erratic weather pattern in the Himalayan region that has affected the agro cycle, particularly in the hilly regions of Uttarakhand. His study will also focus on the Nainital lake - which is on the verge of turning dry and numerous natural springs and a natural source of water that would supply water to the lifeline of lake town is on the brink of extinction.
Azera Parveen Rahman is a freelance journalist from Guwahati, Assam. She has previously worked with various media houses and international agencies as a copy editor. During her fellowship, she will explore the ways in which the farmer community in Assam, particularly in the hill districts, are adapting to the various manifestations of climate change. Through her stories she will strive to bring in a composite frame of voices from the ground and from experts to show the clear picture of the adaptation to climate change.
Nidhi Jamwal is an Independent Environment Journalist with over 18 years of experience. She has been freelancing for several publications like, The Wire, Deccan Herald, Village Square, and Down To Earth. As a part of her fellowship, she will work on traditional methods that are being followed by the farmers and agri-extension agencies to revive declining yield of large-cardamoms in Sikkim state of north east. In addition she will also write about revival of dry springs in the state with focus on local women who have benefited from spring shed development; and how climate change in the state is leading to increased human-wildlife conflict.